The We Shared Milk

Something something something, Portland band.



Summer 2014

The Milky Boys are on summer break. Well not really. We’re just taking some time to write and record a new album.  In the months since the release of our dreary second LP Lame Sunset, a lot has developed in the way of work, travel, places to live, and girlfriends… though not so much on the new music front. We plan to have another full length out in Fall 2014.

We haven’t been sitting on our happy asses though. A tour in Alaska gave us a good chance to visit friends and family while also reminding us that the better paying shows aren’t always going to be yr favorite. A three hour set in front of apathetic fish house diners probably works out better for blues cover bands. It wasn’t all frowny scowls though! Every other show ruled and we earned enough to pay for plane tickets and even saved some cash for however the hell we’re going to record the new tunes. Check out some tour photos here.

Earlier this month we recorded our 4th(!) Banana Stand Media set. Pumped to grow up with those guys! Some of our oldest friends, they started their home studio around the same time The We Shared Milk was conceived. Excited to hear/see the results. Some clips from our 2012 session, along with tons of other great live recordings of NW bands can be found on their Youtube play list.

Aight we’re gunna go write some music. Also we gotta practice for this show with Joan Jett in August.



Busy Days

We are currently recording our next full length Lame Sunset. We are tracking in our tiny practice space, so if you listen carefully you might hear some neighboring Dad-rock jams leaking into the drum tracks, which is just a little bonus. Our friend Adam Harney is helping with tracking and mixing. Our digital-only release show will be at the Doug Fir on April 4th with AAN. Expect a vinyl release later on in the summer. It’s going to be a grimy record…

February is also our Firkin Tavern residency. Every Friday we’re playing this friendly, beer-focused bar on Southeast 11th. We’re halfway through and have already seen some great sets by Sama Dams, Crotch, Father Figure, Silverhawk and Less Cash. We’ll have a little photo album up after the last gig with those bands and the rest: Desert Days, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Souvenir Driver and Radion.

Our March is looking good too. On the 15th we’ll be covering Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band with our friends Fanno Creek & Old Age at Mississippi Studios. Soon after, we leave on tour with the great And And And, which includes Treefort Fest in Boise, ID. Needless to say we are pretty damn pleased about it.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you at a show!


Band Update

MusicFestNW in Portland–September 5-9. Our second year in a row playing this massive city-wide fest. We’re opening Saturday night’s show at the Doug Fir. Headliner is Spencer Krug’s new band Moonface.

Our album release show at Mississippi Studios September 22nd. It’s called History of Voyager & Legend Tripping (up to you to decide what that means). This is the album where each track was produced/recorded by another Oregon band, so of course we’re having a bunch of friends playing that night: Talkative, Charts, Old Age and more.

Fall Tour with The Dig. Our first US tour as a band. We’ll be opening for our NYC buddies The Dig for four weeks of shows in October/November. Unfortunately there are no NW dates, but you can see where else we’ll be going in our dates section.